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Hi, Welcome to our site! 

This site has been created by Donna and Nick Barrett, PADI Instructors since 2009 and 2010 and obsessed divers since 2005. The site is dedicated to our passion for diving and our desire to share this with all who will listen! If you, or someone you know is interested in learning to Scuba dive, or just want to try it to see if you like it, drop us a note at or with the subject line “learn to scuba dive”.

We will also begin to lead dive trips in association with our local dive shop, so if you may be interested in upcoming trips, again, drop us a note at our email address.

We like to share the photos of our trips, along with links to our favorite establishments (restaurants, accommodations and, yes, activities other than diving!) we discover during our trips with the new friends we meet during dive trips, as well as our family and friends back at home. The site is work in progress and we have a growing collection of photos that we hope you enjoy. We hope to make this a fun and informative site for those we share our love of scuba with. 

We have a comment area on the site and encourage all who visit to share their comments and experiences with us! 

Diving: Spread the Word!!

Donna is the underwater photographer, Nick is key grip, gear guy, neat critter spotter and navigator.

Coming up next is our annual return to BVI for 10 days of Bareboat sailing and diving around the islands, then, after a two year wait, The Galapagos in August of 2011 on another Photo Expedition with led by our friend Jason Heller.

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